Joining the York County Time Bank is simple! Just follow three steps:

1: Click here to register  (Businesses and Organizations can also join!)

2: Watch this Orientation Video and bookmark this member help wiki.

3: Login to your new Time Bank account!

After activating your account you can list your offers and requests and connect with other members.

In addition to the one on one exchanges members can make, the time bank has a new Teams function.

Teams are groups of people who are interested in participating in group projects or organized efforts around specific issues, causes, or interests.

We’ve established the following Teams for the York Time Bank — which ones speak to you?

Team ANGELS: helping the non-technical access/participate in the time bank

Team BEAUTIFUL: public art, placemaking, and beautification

Team CARITAS: vital support in times of grief, crisis, hospice and end of life

Team CLOCKWORK: behind the scenes time bank admin and support — especially welcoming and orienting new members!

Team ELDERS: focused on seniors and aging in place

Team FUNTIME: event organizing, promotion and support

Team HEROES: focused on veterans, military families and first responders

Team KIDS: projects focused on kids & families

Team MOOP: focused on Matter Out Of Place

Team TASTY: focused on potlucks, picnics, and all things edible

Team TERRA: all things gardening, growing, farming and sustainability

Team TINKER: focused on repairing, building, making and modifying

Team VELOCIPEDE: bike repair, bikeshare program, all things cycling

Team WONDERLAND: focused on winter-related community projects