2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Michael Gaffney says:

    My experience is in accounting, auditing and tax services. Been semi retired for 4 years. How do I exchange services through this system? Was never asked what services I was able to offer.

    • thegiftexchange2013 says:

      Hi Michael,

      It looks as though you have filled out the application and have been added as a member to YCTB. Welcome! You have some wonderful experiences and services to offer!! Thank you for joining us!!

      Now, you’ll need to login (click on the tab above.) Once you’re in, you should see, towards the top of the page, “Welcome Back Michael, Add Requests, Add Offers, My To Do List (2), See My Statement.” If you click on Add Offers, you should be able to add the services you would like to offer. Your To Do List will help you complete the tasks to get set up… Add a bio, add requests, etc. You can also search other peoples’ requests to see if anyone is looking for someone with your experience. You can contact them and start exchanging!

      Let me know if you have any more questions 😉

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