Mobile App Available!!

Hi all,

The mobile apps are HERE! The survey link below will lead you to the download
links for the apps. Thank You in advance for your participation and
dedication to time banking. We are VERY excited to provide this brand new

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has funded a team of researchers at
the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), and the Pennsylvania State
University (PSU) to conduct scientific research into timebanking. Their goal
is to understand timebanking practices and the role that technology plays
in enabling them and to develop new innovative technologies to make it
much easier to do and more popular. The hOurworld founders and software
architects have agreed to support this research, so we are requesting
members’ input to help us understand your practices and needs better.

Your honest and unvarnished feedback will greatly benefit your community
and the timebanking movement in general, so please tell us what you really
think, including being critical.

Below is the survey link, and in it you’ll be pointed to links where you
can download a new mobile timebanking app at the end of the survey. You
can add half an hour to your local hOurworld exchange account for completing
this survey.

Thank you very much for your generous help!

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